A Personal Message From Leah

Thank you so much for visiting my website! I plan on having this site regularly updated about my skating, so please subscribe (in the box to the right of this column) so that you can get contacted whenever I have news.

I am so excited about the upcoming season! I will be skating at the Junior level, so that means I will have to get used to doing longer programs now. My programs are almost ready to go, and I can’t wait to show them at competitions this summer. A big thank you to my choreographer, Cindy Stuart, who has done really great work again this year for me.

Working with Frank Carroll is wonderful, and it is an honor to work with such an amazing coach, especially since he coached my skating idol, Michelle Kwan. It means a long drive up into the mountains several times a week, but it is worth it. He has a really good eye for details, and has helped my skating a lot.

School is winding down for the year, and that means I can spend more time with my family and dogs. I can’t wait for the summer, since I will be having a lot of family fun, not to mention seeing all my friends at the summer competitions!

Thanks again for coming by, and contact me through this site if you have any questions for me. Bye!


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